Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas

So you???re browsing ideas for your dream kitchen??? and notice that every photo seems to have so much storage. You???re thinking to yourself, how in the world am I going to finesse a bank of eight upper cabinets and where am I going to hideaway a pantry? I think the majority of people are closed-minded when it comes to kitchen layouts, storage ideas, and understanding how to maximize storage space in the square footage that you have. I mean that in a very modest manner, simply that people want to have exactly what they see somewhere else. BUT, you have to create these spaces within the bones and structure that you already have, so sometimes magazines and Internet sites can be misleading.
I???ve complied a few solutions from brain storming, inspirational articles, and experience that I think make a kitchen unique in it???s home and still amplify your cargo space??? for tons of cookbooks, oversized platters and punch bowls??? you know, all the things you use once upon a time.
Create an area for open storage shelving. A cool way to break away from a standard bookcase style is to place a vertical ??tag??re; a space saver to hold books, whatnots and stacked bowls. What is that? It is a French term for a metal frame tiered shelf system. They come in many sizes and can store irregular shaped kitchen items on showcase or display.The pullout pantry. The concept is simple; it???s again vertical storage shelving for organizing canned goods & spices. The bonus of the pull out is that things are easier to find and you can stack them without items falling out or getting lost deep in the back of your cabinets.EVERYONE wants a BIG ISLAND???. And it???s hard to really make the space for pass-throughs, seating arrangements and that sort of thing without taking up chunks of your square footage. So, a super neat idea is to bring in swivel stools that mount on the underside of your island.
The Advantage: No one trips on the stool/chair legs.
Remember: The total optimal space around your island is 42??? on all four sides.
All the cabinetry does not have to match??? bring in an antique armoire or a unique buffet. If the piece of furniture needs a little fabrication, your carpenter or cabinet maker can make it happen. Customize it by adding glass inserts where there were once cabinet doors or custom fit a piece of coordinating quartz top for a serving station.Last, install a cutting board above the base cabinet trash pull out. In the corner of the cutting board, engineer a 2-3 inch hole where you can dispose of the peels! NO MESS, easy prep.
So, that's just a few space saver ideas and unique style options to create a functional, beautiful kitchen space.