Hi Everyone!
This is my very first blog post...ever. So I thought my topic at hand
would be something I have been thinking a lot about lately. STORAGE! I will soon be moving into a 550sf apartment, and losing about 200sf of space. I am plagued with the reality that I don’t have enough space to put everything that I have accumulated over the years. I have found myself combing the pages of Pinterest, Houzz and various DIY blogs to find inexpensive and attractive solutions to my everyday storage needs. So, here I have compiled a list of aesthetically pleasing solutions.
Shelving is always a great way to store lots of items. Everyone has some sort of shelving in their homes. There are just so many different ways to provide storage with shelving from free standing to wall mounted, from closed to open. It can be made of wood, metal, plastic and glass. With so many options, there is always a way for it to fit with your décor. There are so many ways for shelving to make an impact on a space, while providing large amounts of storage space. With bright colors or intricate detail, it can reinforce your personal style. I personally have been loving the industrial wall mounted units, with their rustic wood shelf and metal piping. The key to this type of storage is that you get a lot in a small amount of square feet, especially when you utilize the height of your room.
Baskets and boxes are great for placing items on shelving or throughout your home that you want to keep handy but hidden. They can also be used to keep item sorted like mail or that paperwork that always clutters your counters. In keeping with my industrial theme, metal baskets will soon hold my mail, magazines, extra throw blankets, and bathroom accessories.
Utilize wall space by hanging items that are pretty on your walls
instead of tucking them in precious drawer space. I plan to hang my rather large scarf collection on my walls with a curtain rod. This way I will keep the drawer space for necessary items, and be able to see all of my beauteous scarves. Other items that could be hung instead of stored are necklaces within a frame, pots and pans you use regularly, or makeup with magnets. This type of storage helps to utilize the wall space, that may otherwise be wasted.
There are so many ways to organize your home and give everything a place. These were just a few that will make a huge impact when you are working with such a small square footage.
Thank you!