Mardi Gras Appreciation and Social Event

Every other month Michigan Tile & Carpet hosts a design event. It is always a great time to mingle with our customers, share some great food, and host some sort of activity. It may be learning about one of our products, or it may be just a fun activity to enjoy! Earlier this week, we hosted a Mardi Gras Design Event! It was a wonderful evening with food, fun decorations, music inspired from Mardi Gras, and jewelry design!
Upon arrival, each guest received a strand of Mardi Gras beads to set the mood for the event! While enjoying snacks inspired by Mardi Gras, like Jambalaya, Cajun snack mix, Cajun crab dip, and muffuletta dip, the guests could begin to plan the piece of jewelry that they wanted to make. Guests could choose from a large variety of tiles to create their own unique piece of jewelry. Gorgeous necklaces, rings, and bracelets were created!
The celebration was a very casual gathering where everyone could relax, create, eat, and drink! As a parting gift, each guest received a rose to take home with them, as well as their gorgeous jewelry creation! We love getting to know our customers and community members and events like this are such a fun way to do that! A picture speaks a thousand words, so here are some fun photos of the event! We really hope you will join us for a future event!