Everyday I assist clients who are looking for new flooring for their new home or replacing the flooring in their existing home. Here at Michigan Tile & Carpet, we are proud to offer every type of flooring that you can imagine for your space. If you can dream it, we can do it. Often, the budget on your project helps to guide the selection process towards different types of flooring. I would like to bring forward the notion that selecting hardwood floors is more than selecting flooring for your room. It truly is an investment in your home for the long term.
Hardwood flooring certainly is not your least expensive option when weighing out the types of flooring to select for your home, but the investment you make today will save you in the long run over the life of the home. A hardwood floor requires very minimal upkeep and will last a lifetime. Other choices like carpet can prove less costly up front. Yet, carpet requires significantly more maintenance (regular vacuuming and professional cleaning on intervals) to keep it looking new. Despite the regular maintenance, carpeting can only be expected to last from ten to fifteen years before it will likely need to be replaced. The minimal maintenance and extremely long life span of a hardwood floor can actually make it an economical choice over carpet over a lifetime.
A single episode of House Hunters on HGTV will likely prove that many people are looking for hardwood flooring in their quest for a new home. People often first notice the flooring under feet and the look of your flooring can easily sway views on your home from a fixer to fabulous depending on that first impression. Homebuyers in today's market have come to expect hardwood flooring, as carpets are often seen as something that will need replaced.
Hardwood floors (or any hard surface for that matter) are an excellent choice for the elimination of debris, pet dander, and pollen. Often, carpet is known for holding allergens within its fibers. Vacuuming can help, but it is harder to fully eliminate the allergens than it is to simply dust mop or damp cloth mop your hard surface floors.
These reasons are all great positives towards investing in hardwood for your home. Yet, it always comes down to the look and feel that you are after in your flooring selection. The coziness of carpet is wonderful to step out of bed every morning just like the ease of cleaning up a spill in the kitchen on a hard surface is ideal. There are always positives and negatives to exploring the ideal floor for you. No matter what type of flooring you are searching for, I would be honored to help guide you in your selection at Michigan Tile & Carpet!
~ Beverly