A colorful front door can bring an intriguing spash of color to your home's exterior. Not only will it give a welcoming and highlighted indication to visitors that they should enter here, but it will create a unique interest to your exterior and bring the home to life.
So, once you have decided that a bold door color is something you would like to try, it's time to select a color. You should look for something that contrasts, but compliments the main color of your home. Rather than choosing something too bold, it should feel like it belongs and not look out of place. In addition to painting the door, you can accent other areas with the same color on windows, porch ceilings and trim. Keeping in mind, it should only be used as an accent. If you use it too much, you will lose your initial intention...making that front door visually pop!
Take a look through these front door color examples! What look do you like best?
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Emily Krawczak