Are you thinking of remodeling somewhere in your home? Do you wish you could hire a Interior Designer to maximize the use of your space and have it look great at the same time? Full design services are not out of your reach!
What does an Interior Designer actually do?
A Designer's expertise saves time and money, while assuring a more valuable and satisfying outcome for the project. The main goal for the design is to translate your vision, often identifying your unrealized needs, into a design that maximizes functionality and your budget. Renovating your home is an important investment. It involves careful planning, research, and building knowledge. Using an Interior Designer that will assist you in every step of the way, clarifying the planning process and identifying the fun and exciting decisions you will be making, will take a complicated process and pull it all together for you.
Did you know that all of the interior design services are free at Michigan Tile and Carpet? When you purchase your project materials at Michigan Tile and Carpet, our designers can assist your design needs as much or as little as the customer desires. Our designers can gather the overall concept of what the client would like to see in the space, gather dimensions and completely design the space, including hand or computer rendered floor plans, elevations or rooms scenes to show how the space will function and look. Love watching design shows on HGTV? You can get that full treatment at Michigan Tile and Carpet! Or, we can simply help you look, answer questions about paint or furniture, or assist in your selections. If you are design-minded already, you may already have the vision for the space and enjoy the putting things together yourself. Either way, our designers are here to support your vision. From small to large, we are happy to assist with any design need for no additional cost to you.
Design services are truly a benefit to our clients. Using our designers...we can design it, order it, coordinate the project through to completion. All under one roof! We are looking forward to YOUR next project!