Will my home value increase with hardwood flooring?

Will my home value increase with hardwood flooring?

When you choose wood flooring for your home, you'll find your home value increases significantly. Even if only installed in a single room, you'll still see an increase.

The popularity of these materials is only growing, so this isn't likely to change any time soon. However, here are some facts to help you understand the product better as you shop for the perfect flooring.

Hardwood flooring has a very long lifespan

Hardwood's lifespan is one of the longest in the flooring industry. With proper installation and care, they can last more than 100 years with ease.

Durability is crucial in solid hardwood flooring longevity, as does professional installation. Regular care also keeps these floors in great shape, especially over time.

Refinishing is another way to ensure these materials reach their intended lifespan. And we can give you all the details about the service while you're here.

The fantastic benefits of hardwood floors

Wood floors are some of the most accessible materials to customize, with a wide range of choices. Species, stain color, texture, and format are just a few.

You can also enjoy specific installation layouts, such as herringbone and chevron. These add character and performance to your wood flooring with outstanding results.

You can even change your stain color and texture during the refinishing process if you like. This feels like installing new floors, but without the hefty price tag.

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