For some homeowners, it's essential to find wood flooring species native to the area, to capture a bit of the local beauty and more. So if you find yourself in this number, be sure to read along to find out about some of the wood species native to our area.

Find the wood flooring you’ll love

Trees are plenteous in Michigan, and you'll find many of those native species make exceptional flooring options for your home. But, of course, to ensure the best fit, we'll want to work with you to cover every need and preference, so your results are as successful as you need them to be.

Here are a few hardwood species native to Battle Creek, MI, and surrounding areas. Let us know if you’d like to discuss your options for their use in your home.

· Red Maple
· White Ash
· Hemlock
· Quaking Aspen
· Yellow Birch
· Beech
· Black Cherry
· Walnut

These are just a few of the available species, with others that could serve your household just as well. When you’re ready to discuss these options further, be sure to visit our showroom any time you’re in the area.

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At Michigan Tile and Carpet, we cater to homeowners who require specific flooring options, including materials, services, and exceptional customer care. Our dedication to your best results is part of the reason we’ve gained a reputation in flooring and service, and we’re here to help you as well.

From our showroom in Battle Creek, MI, we serve the communities of Richland, Marshall, Athens, and Bellevue, and we'd love to earn your business as well. So be sure to visit for your engineered or solid hardwood flooring today.