Choosing your perfect wood flooring can sometimes mean picking out what others might view to be a defect. For instance, knots and grains are a natural part of solid hardwood flooring, and including them can be a great way to add immense character to any room of your home.

Enjoy the natural appearance of solid hardwood flooring

Some of the most beautiful natural occurrences found in solid hardwood flooring are knots, growth rings, swirls, and natural grain patterns. Hickory and pine are noted for their knots and strong grain patterns, while cherry and oak also offer knots and specific grain patterns.

Contrary to what some homeowners believe to be accurate, knots do not mean the flooring is damaged. Instead, it helps to create a distinct design that is unique to your flooring alone.

Knots are often created naturally, but they can also occur when branches are cut from the tree, but the tree continues to grow. Tight knots are dense and not likely to fall out, so they can easily be incorporated into the appearance you want and need for your unique spaces.

Find out more about your wood flooring options

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